Waiting List/ Price 2023

Weekly Tuition - All Ages : $400.00


When applying to be on the waiting list, you must understand that other policies and fees are applied once fully enrolled in the childcare.

The waiting list fee is a non-refundable fee and it does not go towards tuition, registration fee or material fee.  This fee does not guarantee your child's place in the childcare and placement will be done according to guidelines below.  

Please, do schedule a visit to the childcare prior to enrolling in the waiting list. 

You will only be contacted if an availability is ready to be offered to you.


1. Fill in the waiting list form with parent's info, your child's name and age, and desired starting date.

2. Priority order will be determined  based on : 

   - Child's age matching the childcare's desired availability 

   - If you have siblings attending the childcare

   - Returning family who attended childcare 

   - If you were referred by a former family/client

3.  You will have 24 hrs to accept or deny the space once space availability is offered.

4.  When enrolling in childcare, all registration forms must be completed and submitted in person during a 

     scheduled visit to the childcare.